Network Sellers

Grow Qualified Pipeline & Price To Win

From building list creation and distribution to location-based pricing, Connected2Fiber automates critical go-to-market processes using trusted, location-specific insight.


Identify and Communicate Your Total Addressable Market

Connected2Fiber automates the identification and communication of a network operator’s total addressable market. No longer do network service providers need to suffer through manual, spreadsheet-driven processes to identify near-net opportunities and communicate their entire addressable market to sellers and partners


Building List Manager automates the process of developing a comprehensive building list and sending it to trusted partners to maximize wholesale sales opportunities.

Not only does Building List Manager eliminate the manual effort needed to develop an on-net building list, but it also enables network operators to share near-net and proposed build locations to partners. Moreover, when it comes to sending out building lists, users can customize the frequency of the distribution and partner recipients. Building List Manager will execute the building list distribution at the desired times and to the desired recipients in their own proprietary formats.

Connected2Fiber’s Near-Net Analysis identifies commercial buildings in close proximity to a network operator’s existing routes. These near-net opportunities can then be used by internal or partner sales teams as additional deals to participate in and win.

A near-net analysis provides a distance-based assessment of buildings in close proximity to a network service provider’s existing routes. Connected2Fiber can systematically capture this information using its precise, location-based insight regarding commercial buildings and other relevant locations.

The Availability Engine API enables a network service provider to share their serviceability and products on a per- location basis with their partners.

With the Availability Engine API, network service providers can now advertise their most up-to-date serviceablity to their business partners by allowing those partners personalized access to their Connected World instance. Serviceability of products by location and by partner can be communicated instantly to partners through search queries that support one or more locations at a time.


Prioritize Sales Opportunities Based On Location-Specific Insight

With Connected2Fiber, network operators can prioritize opportunities based on insight such as serviceability, competitive density, and customer fit.

Network intelligence at a location-level is vital for competitive intelligence and account prospecting in general. Without building-level network intelligence, targeting becomes an exercise in hope that a particular location isn’t serviced by a multitude of competitors or a single competitor that holds a significant competitive advantage.

Network Intelligence empowers users to instantly find out which network service providers are connected where. The module has granular access to profiles on over 2,000 operators spanning LECs, cable companies, fiber operators, and more. In addition to the power of the data behind Network Intelligence, the application has a robust search capability that allows for bulk uploading of locations for discovery.

Prospecting a new geographic sales territory or assigning sales territories to representatives can be a daunting task with a lot of guesswork if a network operator does not have a data-driven approach to completing the task.

Market Explorer strengthens account targeting and planning efforts by enabling users to dynamically define search parameters, including firmographics and network presence, for a set of locations in any given market. This capability provides users with the ability to answer critical business questions in real-time that require deep, trusted location intelligence.

Responding to RFPs can be arduous and many network service providers struggle to keep up with requests. Often, it could take weeks or months to respond to an RFP, if the network operator decides they should respond at all. The inability to quickly qualify a bid and respond to it is significantly damaging growth prospects at network operators.

Enterprise Profiler delivers unparalleled visibility into accounts, or a provided set of locations in a bid, by providing deep insight into each prospective site from the perspective of serviceability (e.g. network intersections), competition (e.g. number of competitive providers), tenant insight (e.g. estimated telecommunications spend) and more. With Enterprise Profiler, network operators can now confidently respond to RFPs and bids in a matter of hours or minutes, not days or weeks.


Optimize And Automate Pricing On A
Per-Location Basis

Eliminate the need for spreadsheets, “peanut butter spread” pricing tactics that don’t maximize profit, and days to weeks of manual effort with transformative pricing capabilities from Connected2Fiber.

Quoting processes in the connectivity space are heavily manual and reliant on email, spreadsheets, and personal networks.

Connected2Fiber’s Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) capability solves the issues of productivity and pricing optimization by providing location-specific insights wrapped around a workflow-based quoting tool. The capability enables custom price books to be created around a wide variety of location-specific attributes including product type being offered, speed, location connectivity status, competitive environment, entity type, geography, and distance to location. Subsequently, CPQ applies this logic to the set of locations being priced and generates a quote that maximizes profit margin while taking total quoting time from days or weeks to minutes.

Much of the pricing in the connectivity space is “peanut butter spread”. As a result, network operators often either lose a deal at a location to high pricing or win it but at a lower-than-needed profit margin.

Connected2Fiber’s Price Book capability enables network operators to build a price book using comprehensive location-based attributes. With the easy creation of limitless price books, pricing configurations at a location level are now feasible and can span a variety of dimensions such as by consumer, product, speed, connectivity status, competitive environment, entity type, geography, and distance to location.

Connected2Fiber’s Pricing APIs enable network operators to easily publish pricing to trusted partners.

While the first step in building a trusted partner ecosystem is to enable partner access to location-specific serviceability, adding pricing to the equation takes automation to the next level. By adding pricing to locations being published, network operator partners can now quickly determine the appropriate fit for location needs and more efficiently place orders.

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