Price Book Configuration

Develop Pricing Logic On A Per-Location Basis

Connected2Fiber’s Price Book Configuration capability enables providers to build a price book for their offerings using a comprehensive collection of location-based attributes to price optimally on a per-location basis

Price book logic can then be applied to physical locations and their characteristics within The Connected World’s Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) capability

Move Away From “Peanut Butter Spread” Pricing Efforts

Develop pricing configurations / logic at a location level that span a variety of dimensions such as by consumer, product, speed, connectivity status, competitive environment, entity type, geography, and distance to location

Transparent, Easy-To-Configure Pricing Logic

Easily create price books with transparent pricing logic that is simple to configure and maintain. There’s no need to continually pay for updates to price books and have the logic hidden from the user

Include Partner Pricing

Price Book Configuration also has the capability to include partner pricing. Get out of constantly managing price books in spreadsheets

Integration With Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)

The pricing logic within Price Book Configuration can be fed into Connected2Fiber’s CPQ workflow to enable location-level quotes for thousands of addresses in minutes

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