Location Services

Connected2Fiber’s GIS Specialists cleanse, customize, and enrich location data to provide you with accurate, validated intelligence to optimize your business strategies.

Detailed location information such as geographic coordinates, street addresses, and entity IDs, in a centralized, correlated format help you make informed decisions that place you ahead of the competition.

Location IDs

This identifier classifies a location allowing for the purposeful sorting, filtering, and cataloging of data to be used for a myriad of applications.

Geocoding Service

Converting (street) addresses into geographic coordinates (i.e., latitude and longitude) is an essential part of ensuring the validity and accuracy of a location.

Entity IDs

These are markers that distinguish an entity to allow for effortless sorting, filtering, and distribution of data by classification or another determining factor.

Data Enrichment

This service augments and improves data to create a multi-dimensional view of a network location. This includes near-net and off-net opportunities of competitive networks.

Address Database

A repository of locations with enriched market data that provides sales teams with the competitive insight to increase serviceability.

Address Appending

This provides the addition of postal addresses to an existing email address database and ensures that the location has been thoroughly parsed.

Parcel IDs

The classification of land tracts in specific areas for the purposes of identification, record keeping, and solving or preventing situations involving ownership disputes.

Address Cleaning

Categorizes, analyses, and standardizes all the components of your data to improve accuracy and efficiency.

Address Validation

The verification of a specific location in order to provide true accuracy of data.

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