Building Manager

Support Ongoing Building Relationships with Building Information Software

While understanding the needs of enterprises within buildings is crucial to network operators, so is having a relationship with the building management teams that oversees day-to-day operations at the property.

Building Manager is a building information software that helps network operators keep track of their assets and contracts with specific properties by collecting and storing relevant details of the relationship in one place. This ensures that important management team contacts and necessary legal contracts are prepared and up to date.

When network providers have performed their due diligence, and decided to build fiber into a certain building, there are a myriad of questions that arise:

• Who is the property manager?
• Do we have a building access agreement?
• Do we need to build on private property? Do we have an easement agreement?
• Do we need riser cables, and who provides them?

With Building Manager, network operators can answer these questions and easily track this information in a single place.

Build Relationships

Have a record of property managers and their contact information at every location in which you are terminated.

Manage Contracts

Depending on where fiber connectivity has to be built, there are various legal contracts required. Keep a record of necessary contracts, such as access and easement agreements, and when they must be renewed.

Execute New Connections

Execute more connections using Building Manager as a central repository that remains consistent and updated, even as new employees are placed on an account.

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