Boundary Services

Our Boundary Services provide the insight and visual overview that are a vital part of market studies, strategic network planning, and competitive analysis. Boundary Services give network operators the intelligence they need to make informed, tactical decisions as they evaluate network opportunities.

Network operators get visibility into telecom capabilities and use across different geographies in terms of both providers and consumers. This includes information on competitive providers operating in an area, areas with growing populations, ILEC service areas, and more.

MSO Boundaries

These geographic areas depicting cable coverage provide a visual representation of the dominant network franchises operating in any given region. Reviewing this information allows operators to perform a comprehensive competitive analysis.

MSA Boundaries

MSA (or metropolitan statistical area) boundaries exist at the state level and depict growing urban spaces and the surrounding interacting areas that play a role in the broader economy of the location. Analysis of these boundaries allows users to visualize which markets are growing.

Wire Center Boundaries

These are designated geographic service areas of specific ILEC wire centers. Knowledge of these service areas aid in strategic network location, planning, and design.

Rate Center Boundary Maps

This refers to the geographic areas in all states, through which registered ILECs deliver regulated telecommunications services. Rate center maps provide insight into the telecom market and existing competitive infrastructure within a given area. Boundary services quickly and seamlessly provide rate center information, giving operators a complete network context for the geography.

NPA Boundaries

Information on NPAs (also known as area code boundaries) provides insight that enables inclusive market research, and geographic assessment.

LATA Boundaries

LATA (or local access and transport area) boundaries depict the regulated service limits established for ILECs in specific markets, ensuring transparency and determining the need for long-distance carriers.

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