The Connected World

Turn Any Location Into Its Own Marketplace

The Connected World platform details and displays deep, trusted location-based insight and empowers users to leverage that insight to automate go-to-market processes around deal participation, account targeting, and product pricing.

Unmatched Location Insight

The Connected World platform is the largest and most reputable source of location-based data. Curated from dozens of sources, and counting, that are both public and proprietary, Connected2Fiber’s location intelligence is at the heart of its platform. Beyond the integrity and depth of the data itself, The Connected World encompasses location, network, and tenant data all in one platform – eliminating the need to “swivel-chair” into other systems.

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Location Data

Connected2Fiber’s world-class data team uses precise GIS capabilities to map specific coordinates of over 10 million commercial locations in the United States alone. These locations span everything from commercial buildings used for business to towers and data centers to small cell deployments.

Network Data

The Connected World is the largest credible repository of network data. The platform not only provides network route information from global providers but generates a location-specific view of which networks service which buildings. Globally, The Connected World tracks over 3,600 network service providers.

Reputable, location-specific network information enables customers to make better decisions around quantifying their total addressable market, identifying which prospect sites to target, determining how to price, selecting sites, identifying strategic partners, and other use cases.

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Tenant Data

Connected2Fiber has location-specific tenant data on over 12 million entities across the globe. The information includes not only the tenant’s name but relevant data about their business such as their technology stack and estimated telecommunications spend, which is derived from a proprietary algorithm.

Tenant information is critical for use cases similar to network data use cases, such as identifying ideal prospects, which is why both data sets are wrapped up at a location-level in The Connected World. Other use cases for Connected2Fiber’s tenant data revolve around areas such as competitive intelligence.

Automated Go-To-Market Applications

The Connected World application stack automates the complexities and manual processes associated with go-to-market operations of connectivity-dependent organizations. Replace spreadsheets with applications that leverage The Connected World’s location-specific data to automate deal participation, customer targeting, and product pricing.

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Identifying an organization’s total addressable market in the connectivity space is often a very difficult process. Determining which locations are serviceable and communicating that data internally and to trusted partners is a largely manual process – filled with spreadsheets, “best guesses”, and emails. The failure to identify and communicate which deals an organization can fully participate in will inevitably lead to missed revenue opportunities.

Connected2Fiber’s application suite automates the process of identifying and communicating a company’s total addressable market in the connectivity space – whether it be through a near-net analysis of a fiber operator’s network or continuous, automated distribution of building lists to partners in their proprietary format.


An organization’s growth is dependent on being able to target the right propsects for their offering. The failure to do so will result in valuable selling time wasted on opportunities that will inevitably not go anywhere and this will have a significant impact on revenue. In the connectivity space, deep intelligence is needed on the prospect, competitors, and product fit to determine if an opportunity is worth pursuing.

Connected2Fiber’s applications address targeting challenges directly. Whether a company sells network, buys it, or consumes it, The Connected World has applications that enable precise account targeting. Specific capabilities span everything from identifying ideal accounts in a geographic area based on proximity to network, competitive density, and tenant insight to automated RFP response based on factors such as network intersection.

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Pricing in the connectivity space is often “peanut butter spread” with very little ability to price on a per-location basis. This causes not only lost deal flow but smaller profit margins if deals are won. Moreover, when responding to a large pricing request, it could take network providers or resellers weeks or months to respond, if they do at all.

Connected2Fiber’s CPQ capability automates the connectivity pricing process through an easy-to-use, workflow-based application that leverages The Connected World’s location data to enable location-based pricing. The result is fewer deals lost due to poor quoting productivity and maximum profit margin per quote.

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