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The Industry Cloud For Connectivity

Connected2Fiber was founded on the core belief that for organizations to most effectively sell, buy, or use connectivity, there needs to be an easily accessible, location-based source of truth. For decades, industries like telecommunications have relied on tribal knowledge, spreadsheets, and antiquated tools to answer critical business questions such as “Can I service this location?”, “Can a partner service the location?”, “What competitors service this location?”, “What tenants are in this location?”, etc. More often than not, not only were the answers incorrect but they took days, weeks, or even months to arrive.

The Connected World was purpose-built to solve these challenges and serve as a location source of truth for connectivity-dependent organizations. Not only does the platform detail and display trusted, location-based insight but it empowers users to leverage that insight to automate their go-to-market processes around deal participation, account targeting, and product pricing.

Connected2Fiber’s best-in-class and versatile data, application, and services offerings enable any seller, buyer, or user of connectivity to more effectively, efficiently, and confidently compete in the ever-moving, rapidly growing space. By providing the ability to quickly discover location-specific insight and then take immediate action on it to grow organizational revenue has solidified why The Connected World has become the Industry Cloud For Connectivity.

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